markSTORM . executive advisor and transformation designer


My work revolves around how we create value and meaning, and prepare for uncertain futures in an increasingly non-linear world. A key part of this is changing how people think, learn and behave, and how they organise themselves. I am particularly valuable when working with organisations that find themselves ‘behind the curve.’

In essence, I

address bold and meaningful questions, such as, how do we strive for significance, learn to live with not-knowing, or create a more humane experience of work?

challenge deeply held beliefs, question underlying assumptions, and unlock alternative ways of thinking and understanding what we see.

scan the horizon for weak signals and emerging patterns, provoke the conversation about their possible meaning, and envision new futures.

spark curiosity and exploration, and create ecosystems that foster entrepreneurship, experimentation and continuous learning.

craft purpose-driven and human-centered organisations that are able to cope with uncertainty and radical new challenges.