markSTORM . catalyst for change and renewal


As a catalyst for change and renewal, I am always searching to find better ways. This makes me particularly valuable when working with companies that find themselves ‘behind the curve.’

My work revolves around how we create value and meaning, and prepare ourselves for uncertain futures in an increasingly non-linear world. A crucial part of this is changing how people perceive the world around them — how they make sense of what they see and experience. Introducing a certain ‘playfulness’ by allowing people to explore and experiment is another vital element in what I do.

In essence, I

probe critical questions to evoke conversations about what matters most in times of profound change.

challenge prevailing beliefs to unlock alternative ways of thinking and understanding what we see.

scan the horizon for weak signals and emerging patterns to envision alternative futures.

spark curiosity to create a culture of exploration, experimentation and continuous learning.

craft imaginative organisations — purposeful, humane, discovery-driven and capable of thriving in a complex world.