markSTORM . catalyst for change and renewal


In a time when many want to ‘move fast and break things,’ I prefer to move thoughtfully and build things. Profound change and renewal simply don't happen overnight. Instead, they result from many different experiments — from minute, yet purposeful shifts.

As a catalyst for change and renewal, I design and orchestrate these small ‘units of change.’ Whether conversations (‘the smallest units’), interventions, explorations or experiments, together they set big things in motion — both on a personal and organisational level.

I work with

executives to help discover new ways of thinking and seeing, and build the skill set and confidence needed to successfully navigate today’s dynamic and interconnected challenges.

organisations to change how people work and learn together, and craft organisational cultures that foster experimentation and continuous learning.

I work independently and collaboratively with you, your teams and a small group of highly versatile associates with whom I have been working for years. I don't use 'best practices' and standardised 'solutions.’ Just robust and rigorous advice — designed to meet your unique situation and based on years of experience and a diverse range of interests.

And although I give talks and lead conversations, my actual work requires a much deeper involvement than the occasional ‘gig’ allows for. That is why I prefer to be involved over the long haul as

executive mentor — working with corporate leaders and leadership teams.

transformation architect — working with and from within the organisation.