markSTORM . catalyst for change and renewal


I work best in my role as an independent thinker, sense-maker and change agent — bringing together diverse people and perspectives, fusing ideas and practice, and reframing the conversation to fuel change and self-renewal.


conversationalist, I foster dialogue and create ‘conversational spaces’ where people can connect, explore ideas and learn from each other's experiences to create new knowledge and transformational narratives.

executive advisor, I enable leaders to discover new ways of thinking and understanding the world around them. I probe critical questions to reframe their toughest challenges and unlock alternative futures.

transformation designer, I craft purpose-driven and human-led organisations that allow for experimentation and reflection, and encourage people to collaborate across disciplines and boundaries.

But before we start working together, it’s crucial to understand that renewal doesn’t happen with ‘one big swoosh.’ Instead, it results from many different conversations, explorations and experiments. It requires commitment, perseverance and time — both yours and mine.

And also, I only work on things that make a difference, and with people who aspire to shape a better future for all.